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The market for solar photovoltaic (PV) system installation and service in Australia is a crowded market and when you select your PV installer you need to look for a quality installer who only selects the most appropriate hardware for your needs, and has the experience to maximise the effectiveness of your installation.


Residential Solar Systems. Uniquely designed to suit your everyday lifestyle and budget. From 1.5kW to 29.9kW.


Specialists in commercial design and Installation ranging from from 5kW to 1 GigaWatt.

Frequently asked Questions

What size system do I need?

It is very important to size your system up correctly to match your home’s consumption and perhaps more importantly, what you will be using in the future to allow for items such as electric cars, new air con systems and the addition of new family members.
For example 18 x 300W solar panels will create a 5,400W solar system. In regards to overall system output on an average day with intermittent clouds this system will produce approximately 3-4 kW per hour in the best sun irradiation hours of the day. The system will only achieve 5kW per hour on a clear and moderate temperature day.

What do you mean by 'cost neutral' or 'cost positive'?

Cost neutral means the remainder of the power bill after solar plus the repayments for the finance would be equal to what the client was paying on a full power bill prior to solar.
So, say you have a power bill of $200 per month. After solar this would come down to maybe $50 a month. So we would look to match the finance repayments somewhere around $150 a month. This would give no change in their month to month expenses keeping the client cashflow neutral.
There is also the option extend the term on the finance (from say 5 years to 7 years). This would make the repayments even less than the $150 putting the client into a cashflow positive situation.

How long will my system last?

All solar panels sold in Australia have a mandatory minimum 25yr performance warranty. The real value in any solar panel warranty lies with the Manufacturer’s warranty, this is where the attention should be focused. The industry standard is a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty with the higher quality equipment offering between 12 and 25 years.
The inverter warranties are typically 5-10 years with higher end equipment starting at 12 years and ranging to 25 years.

Does my system require regular maintenance?

Solar panels will always work at the their optimum level when they are clean and shade-free. Some equipment is far better than others when it comes to overcoming these issues however each home and it’s susceptibility to soiling will differ. Having them cleaned is always a good idea but not absolutely necessary.

What's the difference between solar rebate and feed-in tariff?

The solar incentive scheme is the initial assistance the federal government facilitates to help Australian families purchase renewable energy for their homes. (up-front assistance)
The feed-in tariff is the recompense the state government facilitates for exporting excess power to the grid once your system is installed and producing. (ongoing reward)

How long before my system pays for itself?

Average return on investment would be 3 to 5 years on homes with some commercial systems recouping full investment after less than 2 years.

Will my savings cover any loans for the system?

Your savings will always cover the cost of the loan as the term is completely customisable from 1 to 10 years. This way you can always keep the client cashflow neutral or even cashflow positive in some cases.

How much generating difference is there in summer compared to winter?

The simple answer is around half, however, panel aspect installation can either close or broaden this gap.


We at Shine Tech Solar believe in only using quality proven panel and inverters, giving the customer the best package for the best price.


Shine Tech Solar has partnered with the most reputable solar PV manufacturers in the world to offer you the best solar panels on the market.
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Our Suppliers

We pride ourselves in using only the best quality products that have been proven to perform in the harsh Australian climate.

Commercial Installs

Video of some of our larger commercial contracts.


Our in house installation team has installed more than 8,000,000 Watts of solar and have been involved in some of the largest roof top installations in WA. We employ all our own electricians and offer 5 year workmanship on all installations


Size: 40 KW
Location: Forrestdale
Panels: Jinko
Inverter: Fronius


Size: 200 KW
Location: Bunbury
Panels: LG
Inverter: Fronius


Size: 60 KW
Location: Forrestdale
Panels: Trina
Inverter: Fronius


Size: 30 KW
Location: Dalyellup
Panels: LG
Inverter: Fronius


Size: 40 KW
Location: O’Connor
Panels: Trina
Inverter: Fronius


Size: 270 KW
Location: Guildford
Panels: LG
Inverter: Fronius


Size: 100 KW
Location: Jandakot
Panels: Trina
Inverter: Fronius


Size: 100 KW
Location: Kenwick
Panels: Trina Solar
Inverter: Fronius


Size: 30 KW
Location: Menora
Panels: LG
Inverter: Fronius

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